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Large commercial contracting company not calling you back?  Have a small job that needs to get done? We can help fill the gap!.

Our past clients include:

Best Buy, Ramkota, Days Inn, Dollar General, Wagner Body shop, Metro Plains and more.  

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R.I.P My Friend Les Fleury Bismarck ND. July 7, 2019. He was 66. A great friend and work partner.

All agreements contingent upon strikes, accidents, or delays beyond our control.
Check this section often, as we have the right to edit, or modify our small print section at any time, and for any reason.
Sorry, but we do not offer payment plans or credit. Payment is due once your job is done.  We charge a fee of $25.00 per day on all late payments.
You can Email or call us us with any questions or concerns with a current job, or proposal.   Thank you.
 **Please no solicitations of any kind.
To schedule a quote or handle a warranty request, call the office at 701-226-1805 or send us a email: Help@701Handyman.com.  For other matters you can call Kelly J.r  directly.  Use Our office number. Hit star to reach Kelly's voicemail.  
 * Please read  
   We do not like to turn down work, but we need a certain level of communication from our customers. We do not like to take “undecided” or” I can’t make up my mind jobs”, or jobs for absentee property owners.  We do not perform rush jobs, or jobs without financial commitment.  We use a 50% / 20% / 30% payment scale to keep your job progressing. Half of your job(s) labor up front, twenty percent half way through your job(s), and the remainder thirty percent after your job has been completed.
We charge by the hour, or by the job and we would like all your material present and available for us to start.   We do not include material in any of our bids.   Material prices change too often, and products also change frequently. We will be happy to shop for you, at a reasonable hourly rate, plus mileage. 
701 HANDYMAN will only purchase quality material available by local vendors. 

We reserve the right to respectfully decline any job for any reason, 
Our hourly rate IS variable by season, and currently at $ 69/hr. for 1 man. Each Rate Is a **4 hour minimum, after 4 hours, jobs will be at normal per hour rate, EXCEPT for Snow removal.   Repeat customers are at $59/ hr. 1 man, (this is how we say thanks for calling us back)
Mileage is $2.75 per one way mile driven.
We propose to furnish labor, complete in accordance with our original bid.   Any alteration(s) from the original bid involving extra costs, labor, material, and/ or diligence, will be charged by the hour, and will become an extra charge.
 We add a designing fee by default.  Our first visit is considered the FREE estimate. Any and all other interactions after you receive our estimate involving:  Planning, Staging, Discussing, Laying out, Shopping, etc.,  or any other verbal or physical action that is specific to your current/ future job or proposal will be charged at normal flat rate,  up until the initial start of your job(s).  Estimates will expire 15 days from date of origination and will not carry over any specials, or discounts that might have been discussed.
We require that a decision making owner be present before and after projects are completed. Landfill services will be charged by the pound (@$0.45/ LB), and will include landfill fees, mileage, and hourly rates.
Mold, mildew, or otherwise contaminated material taken to landfill will be charged at the rate of ($1.55/LB) plus regular hourly rates and mileage. 
Payments we accept:  Personal cleared check, cash, money order/ bank check, and most credit cards through our merchant account PayPal.
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